Dialogue edit

& ADR recording

Klink has the expertise to use as much location sound as possible in the dialogue edit of a drama production. In addition, we can record and edit any dubbing, which is often unavoidable, to fit seamlessly into the original sound.


Sound Effects

& Atmospheres

Not only do we use existing effect libraries during sound design, but also sounds that we have recorded and edited ourselves. Often real library sounds are too 'universal' and too 'exaggerated' in sound and feel. Furthermore, from every interesting project, we take the best sounds and put them in our own 'Klink production library'.

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For almost every project we use foley. The small foley work we can do ourselves, but for the larger projects we work closely together with a number of renowned foley companies in the Netherlands and abroad. 

The foley is not only used for the purpose of creating an International version without dialogue, but also as an important part of the full original mix

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& ADR edit


ATM edit



Sound Design




& Scoring


Sound Clips 

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Sound Design

For the best possible working method, we would like to be involved in the project in advance.

Read the script and based on its contents, think about the route and sound plan to be followed. This is not possible in all cases, but we do strive for it. We can therefore provide sounds or 'soundscapes' during the editing of the film, in close consultation with the director and the picture editor. We do not only use existing sfx libraries but preferably also (unique) recordings made or collected by ourselves.

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Re-Recording Mixing

During the re-recording mix we listen in 5.1 or 7.1, watch with projection and have various audio tools, sweeteners, reverbs etc. at our disposal. In principle, we listen 'big' and mix everything in cinema surround.

Afterwards we can make the 'reduction' to stereo for online or television use. We can also prepare the surround mix for Dolby Atmos. For the real final mix we then have to move to a specialised Dolby Atmos Cinema studio (in Amsterdam).

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Music & Scoring

Klink offers the possibility of providing a suitable music score. Besides being a sound designer Marc Lizier is also a composer.  As with sound design, it is best to start working on the music at an early stage (before the shoot and edit). 

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Project Sound Clips

With these clips, you can better judge the effect of the sound. We take away the music and dialogue and sometimes only the foley remains.

Link coming soon….

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Netherlands Film Production Incentive

Klink is a member of the NPA, The Netherlands Post Production Alliance. The NPA raises awareness of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and helps international and domestic (co-)productions navigate through the Dutch post production landscape.

With the Film Incentive, the Netherlands Film Fund aims to promote a healthy film production climate in the Netherlands and to strengthen the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry.

The Incentive offers a ‘Cash Rebate’ of up to 35% for Film productions and 30% for high-end TV series.


Remote Streaming

With the help of Source Elements software, we offer the possibility of 'remote streaming' to review a mix remotely or 'Remote recording' to record voice overs, dubbings etc.

Upload to Klink Dropbox folder

Per project we can create a dropbox link to a  dedicated 'project folder' and share files.

The file limit is 200 GB per upload, more than

enough to upload image and audio files in one go.