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Dialogue Editing

& Dubbing

Drawing on years of experience of dialogue editing, we use as much of the original recording as possible. We also record and edit any necessary dubbing, ensuring a seamless fit between the original and additional audio.

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Sound Effects

& Soundscapes

In addition to using existing effects libraries, we also have access to a unique collection of sounds:

the 'Klink Production Library'. This is a vast audio database of sounds we have recorded and edited ourselves and which we are continually adding to.

Klink sounds tend to be both more specific and more natural sounding than those found in common libraries and this allows us greater flexibility in designing and creating the soundscape.

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The majority of our work involves the use of Foley, much of which we manage in-house. For larger, more complex undertakings, however, we work closely with a number of world class Foley companies in the Netherlands and elsewhere. We use Foley not only as part of the full final mix, but also as an invaluable tool in creating dialogue-free versions for international audiences.

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Dialogue Editing

& Dubbing

Sound Effects

& Soundscapes



Sound Design




& Scoring


Sound Clips 

NL Film Prod




to Klink's Air Bridge

Sound Design

We would always prefer to be involved in the film-making process from the beginning, because we can then use the script and other elements to create a route and soundplan specifically tailored to the project. In this way, Klink's contribution is not merely an addition to, but an intrinsic part of the finished product.

However, we appreciate that this ideal way of working is not always possible and sound design may need to take place during a later phase. Working in close consultation with the director and film editor we can design sounds and soundscapes to order. With the benefit of the 'Klink Production Library', we do our utmost to facilitate the perfect marriage between sound and picture.

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Re-Recording Mixing

For the re-recording mix we listen in 5.1 or 7.1 with projection and have a range of audio tools at our disposal including sweetners, reverbs etc. We listen big and mix everything in cinema surround. Thereafter, the soundtrack may be 'reduced' to stereo for television or for online platforms. We can prepare surround mixes for Dolby Atmos. The final mix is then carried out by Klink in a specialised Dolby Atmos Cinema studio in Amsterdam.

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Music & Scoring

Klink offers the possibility of providing a suitable music score. Besides being a sound designer Marc Lizier is also a composer.  As with sound design, it is best to start working on the music at an early stage (before the shoot and edit). 

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Project Sound Clips

With these clips, you can better judge the effect of the sound. The music and dialogue is removed and sometimes only the foley remains.

Link coming soon….

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Netherlands Film Production Incentive

Klink is a member of the NPA, The Netherlands Post Production Alliance. The NPA raises awareness of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and helps international and domestic (co-)productions navigate through the Dutch post production landscape.

With the Film Incentive, the Netherlands Film Fund aims to promote a healthy film production climate in the Netherlands and to strengthen the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry.

The Incentive offers a ‘Cash Rebate’ of up to 35% for Film productions and 30% for high-end TV series.

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Remote Streaming

With the help of Source Elements software, we offer the possibility of 'remote streaming' to review a mix remotely or 'Remote recording' to record voice overs, dubbings etc.

Upload to Klink's Air Bridge

Upload to our My Air Bridge account at high premium speed with a maximum of 250 GB via our domain link:


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