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'Anne +'

Just before Anne is to emigrate to her great love Sara in Montreal, her publisher rejects the personal manuscript she has submitted for her first book. Anne is forced to look for herself and what she really wants. Meeting the non-binary Lou, Anne slowly but surely, while stumbling, finds more direction and clarity in her own life. 


'The Modern Art Revue'

Just over a hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp turned the art world upside down by presenting a signed piss pot as a work of art. You could say that with this, "modern art" began and art became quite complicated over the past hundred years.

What exactly is art?

'The Deventer media case'

Six-part radio podcast about how the infamous Deventer murder case degenerates into a media case.  From reporting and determining the truth via infotainment to a smear campaign. Fact and fiction lead their own lives and there are more victims than just the murdered widow.

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The unconventional documentary "O" exposes the intriguing fascination for the egg. Within the passion for oology (science of the egg), the Second World War creeps in. A long documentary by Pim Zwier. Produced by Moondocs.

'The Shell Case'

The last white male rhino is extinct. Forest fires, floods and landslides are the order of the day around the world. What images, arguments and rhetoric are causing so little progress in solving the climate problem? What can we do to turn the tide?

Television adaptation of the well-known theater play by Anouk Nuyens and Rebekka de Wit. Directed by Norbert ter Hall

'Treasures of the Krim'

Documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk about how a centuries-old museum collection became the focus of a major global political debate.

Produced by Zeppers Film.