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'Anne +'

Just before Anne is to emigrate to her great love Sara in Montreal, her publisher rejects the personal manuscript she has submitted for her first book. Anne is forced to look for herself and what she really wants. Meeting the non-binary Lou, Anne slowly but surely, while stumbling, finds more direction and clarity in her own life. 


'I am the man who stands beside me'

A year before his death, Maarten van Roozendaal recorded a radio programme in which he promises his life story.  "I starts very neatly at my birth and end at my death. This death scene will be very spectacular, so keep listening." The programme inspired director Josefien Hendriks to make a film monologue, composed of many hours of interviews and larded with song fragments, images from private archives and associative visual material.

'The Deventer media case'

Six-part radio podcast about how the infamous Deventer murder case degenerates into a media case.  From reporting and determining the truth via infotainment to a smear campaign. Fact and fiction lead their own lives and there are more victims than just the murdered widow.

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'O, collecting eggs despite the times'

The unconventional documentary "O" exposes the intriguing fascination for the egg. Within the passion for oology (science of the egg), the Second World War creeps in. A long documentary

by Pim Zwier. Produced by Moondocs.

IDFA award 2021:

'Best directing'

(Envision competition)


In this documentary, director Maasja Ooms follows Jason during intensive trauma therapy. We witness a 22-year-old's struggle against the demons of the past and the sense of injustice of having been punished with incarceration in youth care for something Jason rather is a victim than a perpetrator.

IDFA award 2021:

'Best Dutch Film'

'Treasures of the Krim'

Documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk about how a centuries-old museum collection became the focus of a major global political debate.

Produced by Zeppers Film.

Selected for IDFA 2021