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'SNELLE: Zonder jas naar buiten'

Dutch artist 'Snelle' offers a glimpse into his creative and personal life during the release of an album and during the pandemic. To be seen on Netflix Director: Anne de Clercq.

Photograph: Martijn van Gelder / Netflix. TRAILER

'De Deventer Media Zaak'

Six-part radio podcast about how the infamous Deventer murder case degenerates into a media case.  From reporting and determining the truth via infotainment to a smear campaign. Fact and fiction lead their own lives and there are more victims than just the murdered widow.

'Alles in de Hens'

Film adaptation of the theatre show with the same name. When Marcel Hensema - an almost fifty-year-old - goes for a walk to get away from his everyday busyness, work and worrying, he finds out that you can run away from your problems, but not from yourself. A warm, funny and recognisable theatrical one-man film about losing your way. Director: Dana Nechushtan.

Produced by NTR.

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The unconventional documentary "O" exposes the intriguing fascination for the egg. Within the passion for oology (science of the egg), the Second World War creeps in. A long documentary by Pim Zwier. Produced by Moondocs.

'De Hokje'

'De Hokje' is a television film based on the theatre play of the same name by Dunya Khayame, directed by Tim Kamps. With Olaf Ait Tami, Jouman Fattal and Randy Fokke. It has the tension and form of a whodunnit-thriller combined with comedy and commitment. The film explores whether it is possible to escape from the 'cage' you are crammed into.

'Doela's van de stad'

Doulas of the City follows Adelheid Roosen's admiration for women who, in the capillaries of their neighbourhoods and cities, are ready to help others every day. What drives them? How is it that they can give so selflessly? Directed by Maasja Ooms and Adelheid Roosen.