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Audio Post Production

Anchor 1


A 4 part TV series. This rich and layered fairy-tale adventure tells the story of Lampie, the lighthouse-keeper’s daughter, who must climb sixty-one steps to light the lantern every evening and warn ships away from the rocks. One night, in the midst of a terrible storm, she discovers that her matches have run out... Disaster strikes, and an adventure begins.

Directed by Margien Rogaar.


'Bestseller Boy'

An 8 part series about a young writer from Amsterdam of Moroccan descent whose life is turned upside down when he writes a bestseller. Meanwhile, navigating between two different cultures.  The first project CBS Studios is developing in the Netherlands. Produced by 'Willy Waltz International' Based on the book 'Bestseller Boy' by Mano Bouzamour and will be broadcast in the Netherlands by AVRO TROS. Directed by Norbert ter Hall and Sharif Abdel Mawla.



Luka, a young soldier craving battle, embeds himself in an isolated fort where men have been waiting in vain for ages for a mythical enemy to strike. 

Feature film Inspired by the book 'Il deserto dei Tartari' by Dino Buzzati. Shot on film in beautiful black & white. Written and directed by Jessica Woodworth 

Produced by Bofilms and Volya Films.

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'O, collecting eggs despite the times'

The unconventional documentary "O" exposes the intriguing fascination for the egg. Within the passion for oology (science of the egg), the Second World War creeps in. A long documentary

by Pim Zwier. Produced by Moondocs.

IDFA award 2021:

'Best directing'

(Envision competition)

'Bilal Wahib, Altijd, Altijd'

Actor and rapper Bilal Wahib was a big promise. Until that one livestream with a misplaced joke.The internet exploded and Bilal had to trade heroism for exile in one fell swoop. After being cancelled, is a comeback still in the cards? Through interviews with Bilal and those close to him, archive footage and rehearsal scenes, you get an insight into Bilal's life then and now. Directed by Anne de Clercq and produced by 

Scenery / Amazone.

'Maud & Babs 2'

In season 2 of Maud & Babs, Maud decides to build a home for her demented mother in her own garden. However, this decision puts everything on edge.

Directed by Norbert ter Hall.

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